JACK DANIELS Old No 7 Whiskey Miniature 5cl Miniature

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Contenancy : 70 Cl
Alcohol % : 0.42


The archetypal JD.

This rare, sippin’ whiskey is made at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, using pure cave spring water and a unique mellowing process perfected by Jack Daniel in 1866.

The distinctively pleasing flavour is the reason they’ll always stay faithful to the slow, time-honoured methods their founder insisted upon.

Tennessee whiskey is similar to bourbon but is different in that it is filtered through maple charcoal in large wooden vats prior to aging.

Tennessee whiskey is also not subject to the regulations relating to bourbons, such as the use of new barrels and low level of distilling proof.

Contenancy : 70 Cl
Alcohol % : 0.42

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