• A sumptuous single pot still whiskey with a great degree of ageing, Redbreast 15 is richer, earthier and stronger than its 12 year old sibling. The whiskey is crafted from a marriage of malted and unmalted barley, which are milled and mashed before being triple-distilled through traditional copper-pot stills. The inclusions of unmalted barley in the whiskey's mashbill, along with the tradition of triple distillation, are uniquely Irish approaches to producing whiskey.
  • Redbreast 21 year old is the fine representation of the signature Redbreast sherry style - it is the oldest and richest permanent expression available. The 21 year ageing process introduces new levels of depth, flavour and taste to create an inherently complex and ultimately, rewarding whiskey. Nose : Rich, rounded, spicy – prunes, quinces, a little deeply caramelised apple.
  • Nose has dark fruits, prunes, dates figs, toasted oak and spice On the palate it is well balanced with fresh sherry and redbreast spices Creamy pot still with redbreast spices balanced


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