• A never-before-seen whisky on the market from our Glasgow Distillery, a special edition only available through Amazon Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc brings together the best of two worlds: fresh Sauvignon Blanc flavours and the smooth triple distilled taste of award winning Auchentoshan Single Malt Crafted to be enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge, on wine glasses with ice and garnished with a slice of green apple, the perfect drink for sharing with friends
  • This single malt Scotch whisky is matured 12 years in North American bourbon oak casks with an added hint of sherry-matured malt Crème brulee, a burst of citrus and the signature nuttiness and green leafiness of Auchentoshan Mandarins, toffee and honeysuckle flavours; hint of sherry adds depth and roundness with a little bit of spice


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